Function of a bar: a pop-up exhibition

in collaboration with Maria Lutskanu,
Hye Jin Hyun

Interactive game, a part of the exhibition about the vernacular side of design.

The game based on the ability to generate the sense and use of typical objects.

The ‘Playground’ demonstrates a collection of wooden bars. A generator on thedisplay suggests possible functions these objects might gain. If trying to apply them, a participant realizes that this object cannot work perfectly and therefore should be transformed or used in a different way.
This sequence is to initiate if not design process but definitely design thinking – applying human will to transform the reality to the one that is able to meet his/her needs.

For the concept of playground and mobility of the stand I made a table that can be easily disassembled.

Function of a bar: an interactive publication.

A set of 16 cards counts almost a hundred functions for a wooden bar – another game, revealing the unique property of the brain to define familiar meanings from mixed up letters.