Отверженные коллекции

выпускной проект

‘Отверженные коллекции’ возвращают и апроприируют старые визуальные архивы, найденные в книгах дешевых букинистических лавок.

каждая коллекция существует в 1 копии.


Contrary to what one could expect from the old books re-use, The Discarded Collections exist in the realm of Post-digital publishing. While this topic is usually ends-up in the territory of front-end reading experiences and devices, I was much more interested in different aspect. How do existing tendencies and practices we adopt in the web world influence the way we form the content in print?

The collections we create on the Internet are now one of the ways to communicate and even to express personality. These archives have an ability to organically combine past, present and future on the screen feed without providing any context or source.

In the Tumblr-like culture, re-collectors become the authors as they develop a very specific and unique way to link images together. It is not a surprise that you start to recognize the content not by a real author but by a nickname of a re-collector because he was a first touch point. Besides, some re-collectors stop being just re-posters. They curate, add own images and words to transmit their vision of a stream they run. This is the place where Design happens.

Rather than evaluating such tendencies as good or bad, I decided to look at these processes as just existing practices that in this very moment transform the notion of publishing. And if it does, how could that influence the printed media?

Холодное оружие





The found books that were sold to the secondhand bookshops almost for no money came through the equal process of selection, formatting, editing and adding a personal commentary. These commentaries are my personal critical responses to the compilations I got. 
So that, the collection of DIY guides from the 60s became a catalogue of Swedish furniture, ‘Cold Steel Arms’ became a story of violence and love, set of bombers and fighters became an anti-brutal colouring album...

Это пополняемая серия