We, the Trees / zine

zine as an exhibition

'We, the Trees' is a collaborative curated publication, a part of 2nd Curatorial Forum by NCCA St.Petersburg. 4 artists explored the problems of loner trees in the city of St.Petersburg.

Curators of NCCA were invited to come up with an exhibition on the pages of the printed edition and media to it. Translating the exhibition into the zine format, they ask – what remains of the exhibition in the process of such translation, and what is fundamentally untranslatable? What does such an exhibition produce and for whom? What mechanisms are opened for co-creation? And can we call the result exhibition?

NCCA curators
Alina Belishkina & Natalia Khvoenkova

Zine curators
Anna Sarukhanova & Sergey Morozov

Participant artists
Alexandra Kokacheva, Anna Sarukhanova, Kira Kharlashova, Anna Karp

Expert & activist
Maria Tinika

Anna Karp